Paying with Cidekick

Here At Cidekick, Paying Can Be Done In Two Ways



We handle all cash payments online



Pay in goods or services that might attract more talents

How Does Our Payment Of
Salary Works?

Payment in Escrow

If our fellow cidekicks accepts the job offer, the client has to pay the salary wto us no later than 24 hours before the scheduled event. Upon completion of the job, the client confirms completion and the salary will be deposited to the cidekicks’s account.


Salary Budget

Just let us know how much are you willing to pay per headcount and the amount of people needed. We will automatically publish the pay after deducting our service fee. You decide the salary!


Service Fee

We charge a 20% service fee for every job pay that is transacted. This is to ensure a better pool of talents and better head.


Cancelation Policy

After payment is made and any cancelation happens within 24 hours of the scheduled event, a 20% fee / one day wage (whichever higher) will be compensated to the cidekick. We will also bill any finance charges related to the cost of refunding any payment made.

The Goods Payment

Ensuring Goods Delivery

We will still insist on collecting job payment for goods delivery. Should the client not deliver the goods to our cidekick, we will use the job payment as compensation. We will still take a 20% fee from the job payment pay for goods option.


An Offer You Can’t Refuse

We recommend making the goods value to be higher than the cash salary. The higher the value the more likely are they to accept payment in goods. Use it to promote your brand even further!


Respect The Law

We do not allow anything unlawful to be offered as goods. We also have the moral obligation to protect our cidekicks, therefore any goods offered will be reviewed by us.