Company's Vision

Creating a world where everyone has an income opportunity


We are on a mission to be the most reliable and effective partner for temporary manpower for our customers in Asia through our platform. In the process, we will help create income opportunities for those willing to work and measurable results for our customers 

Our Story

Founded in Malaysia in mid-2015 . They have been working with temporary manpower throughout their careers. They find that getting the right on ground manpower for the job can be difficult as it lacks the transparency and the proper platform to source the right manpower. They wish there was a single place where they could just check out the talent's profiles and decide then on who they want to hire and be able to manage everything online.

The Solution

They decided then to have a platform that serves more than a job resume collector but instead handle the screening, hiring, training, monitoring, and all other administrative tasks that would help many of their customers ease the burden of managing the temporary manpower. The technology would help their customer reach new talents from all geographical locations and provide greater clarity of the manpower with data to

Fast forward today, the platform has helped hundreds of clients and provided thousands of on-ground manpower for our customers looking for reliable and effective manpower for their demands to meet their objectives

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